Hackboard Starter Kit

Affordable, versatile kit, ideal for work-from-home users, remote students, home office, workshops and more. Starter Kit includes a 1080p USB-2 video camera with microphone, a full-sized, wireless keyboard with integrated trackpad and an innovative, protective metal case. The kit allows users to create their ideal computing environment at an affordable price.

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The Official Hackboard Starter Kit comes with everything you need to get started with Hackboard.  The kit includes:

  • Hackboard 2
    • Windows 10 Pro or Debian Linux (Note: Windows 10 Pro license key included; software activated)
    • Python
    • Heat Sink- aluminum and thermal gasket
    • International PSU 12v 3A
    • Quick Start Guide
    • Stickers
  • Hackboard Official Metal Case.
  • Hackboard Official Webcam with built-in Microphone.
  • Hackboard Official Wireless Keyboard with built-in Speaker and Battery.

Plug this kit into any HDMI monitor or TV and dive into the world of Hackboard and Windows 10 Pro.

Additional information

Weight 1.46 kg
Operating System

Windows 10 Pro (+$25), Debian Linux


4 GB (included), 8 GB RAM (+ $50)


64 GB HD (included), 128 GB HD (+ $10), 256 GB HD (+ $25), 512 GB HD (+ $50)

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