Hackboard™ 2 is a powerful, new computer designed from the ground up to be one of the most affordable Windows-based and Intel-powered computers ever introduced. Hackboard is perfect for families at home or on the road, for children in or out of school and for professionals at the office. Because Hackboard 2 is a single-board computer that works with a variety of add-ons, accessories and kits, it is also an excellent choice for makers, tinkerers and hobbyists in their workshops.

Hackboard 2 is a full-function, industry-standard computer that comes preloaded with Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, a 2.8 GHz, 64-bit, dual-core Intel Celeron processor, 4 gigabytes of memory, 64 gigabytes of storage (expandable to up to 4 terabytes.) It has enough memory and connectivity options for a wide variety of computing projects, from creating Word documents or Google docs to streaming YouTube videos and more.

With its GPIO connectors and open architecture, Hackboard 2 can also manage IoT devices, smart home technologies and a nearly unlimited number of maker projects. With its HDMI connectivity, it can also act as a network server for your home TV system, integrating easily with your other home audio visual and game devices, allowing you to easily switch from watching TV to using your Hackboard as a full-function, big screen computer bringing the full power of the internet and computing to your TV.

Because it combines computing power and an industry standard platform with a remarkably low price, Hackboard 2 is well-positioned to solve a long-standing societal problem – the Digital Divide. It’s estimated that nearly half of all households around the world do not yet have a computer. Priced at only $140, Hackboard 2 is an ideal platform for helping eliminate the Digital Divide and Digital Poverty. Working with school districts and government organizations, we hope to be able to provide computers to users who never had the opportunity to own a computer before.

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